July 19, 2012

Resting and Catching Up

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We took a couple weeks off this summer to visit my family in Maine. We’ve been enjoying the coast and lakes, eating lobster and picking blueberries, and laughing with friends and family. It’s been a good break from the Tennessee heat, but it has also been a nice chance to rest from the busy schedule of summer shooting.

We’ve taken advantage of the break to catch up the blog from another busy season:   last fall had such a beautiful and lengthy leaf season that October and November were packed with families taking advantage of the breathtaking scenery for unforgettable portrait sessions. When we get super busy, the blog tends to fall behind (or should I say "autumn behind"?), so we didn’t get a chance to post many sessions. Below you’ll see some favorites from last fall. Perhaps, they will remind you of the cooler weather we have waiting for us on the other side of this summer!  --Jaclyn

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Collin & Meagan - Fall Portrait Session at Norris Dam - Jaclyn Paige Photography

Collin and Meagan said they had been wanting to get some pictures for a while, and the beautiful weather last fall provided the perfect opportunity for them to get the feel they were looking for.  They brought along their dog, and we spent the afternoon hearing about their adventures hiking, marathoning, and paddling throughout the state of Tennessee.

Caleb: One Cool Dude - Children's Portraits - Jaclyn Paige Photography

Caleb is one spunky and playful kid.  He wanted to play with every toy we had and laughed at every goofy face (that we made and that he made).  The blocks proved to be particularly interesting to him, and he undertook the task of placing everyone on top of the basket without knocking off the letters of his name.  When the bubbles came out, popping them was his new quest.  You can see below that doing so takes quite a bit of concentration.

Adorable Cousins! Children's Portraits - Jaclyn Paige Photography

These cute girls are cousins, and they were getting their pictures taken for Grandma's Christmas present.  It's such a nice gift to surprise grandparents with beautiful prints of their cherished grandbabies or to give them a gift certificate to get the whole family together for pictures.  The kids grow so fast, and there are so many great moments to remember.

Curtis & Carol (and Billy and Gracie) - Couple's session with pets - Jaclyn Paige Photography

As an anniversary present for Joshua's brother and sister-in-law, we shot a Beloved session at their house on the West side of town.  Their pond, bridge, and mature trees make such a lovely setting.  Like most of our family get togethers, an edge of competition crept in, but I don't remember who came out on top.  1, 2, 3, 4.  I declare a thumb war!

The Milligan Boys - Children's Portraits - Jaclyn Paige Photography

These guys were a challenge to capture sitting still.  They had so much fun running around the park and playing in the leaves that it became a game for us to get all three in one frame.  As you can tell, they are a close-knit (and zany) bunch of boys.  Being with them for an afternoon reminded us how fun it is to be a kid (whether in age or heart).

Porter Family Session at Sequoiah Hills Park - Jaclyn Paige Photography

The Porter family won this photoshoot at a silent auction supporting Bethany Christian Services, an adoption agency in Knoxville.  The leaves couldn't have looked any better on the autumn day we met them in Sequoia Hills Park.  It was a beautiful day to photograph a family that seemed as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Marek Family Portraits - Jaclyn Paige Photography

The Marek family converged in Tennessee and met us at our favorite spot to shoot in the Smokies.  Everyone in the family was so photogenic and so much fun to be around that we were sad when the shoot was over and they headed back out of town.  But one of the great things about shooting near Gatlinburg is that you're never too far away from a pancake house to drown your sorrows in maple syrup.

Ashley & Dustin and pets - Couple's Portrait Session - Jaclyn Paige Photography

We went to Lakeshore Park for this beloved session with Ashley and Dustin.  They brought their dogs along for the fun, and when the puppies weren't posing, they were doing their best to explore the park.  They helped us find some new places to shoot.  Who would have thought that a fire hydrant could provide such an . . . umm . . . appropriate background for a picture.

Caelan is 6 Months Old! Baby Portraits and Family Portraits - Jaclyn Paige Photography

This 6 month session was part of Caelan's "Watch Me Grow" package.  Since it was October, he decided that he would like to wear his Halloween costume for a couple shots.  He could be the cutest dragon we've ever seen.