May 29, 2013

Lindsey & Brad - Wedding at The Stables in LaFollete - Jaclyn Paige Photography

I'm starting off this blog by posting a couple pictures from Lindsey and Brad's engagement session earlier this spring.  Aren't they cute?  After working with them for the afternoon I was super excited to capture their wedding day.  And what a gorgeous day it was!  We seem to have been stuck in a rainy weekend trend, but Lindsey and Brad were able to have their ceremony outdoors under a glorious sunny blue sky.  They started the day with their First Look.  Brad covered his eyes with a handkerchief while Lindsey walked toward him. When she reached him, she took off his blindfold and he was able to see her up close, all beautiful and bride-y, for the first time.  A First Look is a great way for a bride and groom to share some special time together before the ceremony, but still maintain the element of surprise that they would have experienced if they saw each other for the first time during the ceremony.  The bonus is that they get more time together on their wedding day, AND practically speaking, because we can usually get all their pictures done beforehand, they can enter the reception very soon after their ceremony and spend more time with their guests as well.  (Click on the First Look label at the bottom of this post to see other couples who made the same decision).  After an emotional and heart-felt ceremony, Brad and Lindsey celebrated with 250 friends and family before driving away in a sea of bubbles.  They chose The Stables in LaFollette for their ceremony and reception.  There's no website for this place, but this map will get you to their location.  It's such a unique and stylized venue indoors, with sweeping views and well-cared-for grounds outdoors. Joshua and I were honored and blessed to be a part of this special couple's special day.  Congrats, Honeycutts!  --Jaclyn

May 15, 2013

Julia & Kevin - Wedding at Whitestone Inn - Jaclyn Paige Photography

Joshua and I were thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph Julia and Kevin’s wedding last weekend at the Whitestone Inn in Kingston.  It’s always fun to see familiar faces and work with families more than once, so that was part of our excitement, but we were even more glad to capture the joining of two people’s lives who seem so happy together.  I am nuts about the colors they chose to accent the festivities: ivory, pink, tan, peach, and mint green- such a sweet and springy palette!  We were worried about the weather as the forecast called for lots of rain, but thankfully that didn’t end up being a factor and their ceremony was bathed in sun.  It was such a nice day!  To celebrate, they twisted, wobbled, shuffled, shook, and slid away the evening on the dance floor with family and friends.  Congratulations, Julia and Kevin! -- Jaclyn

Ally and Jeff's Butterfly Gap Wedding - Jaclyn Paige Photography

Joshua and I have been looking forward to Ally and Jeff's wedding since we shot their engagement session last year.  These two are super fun, light-hearted, kind, easy-going, and fanatic about sports.  They decided to do a First Look moment before the ceremony so we could take care of all the formal and couple shots early in the day, allowing them to go straight to the reception after the ceremony.  This is such a great way to manage the "flow" of the day and it gives a couple more time together on a day that traditionally does not allow for many moments to themselves.  The first shot below was taken moments after Jeff saw his beautiful bride for the first time.  Butterfly Gap provides a lovely outdoor setting for weddings but also boasts some unique architecture for indoor events as well-- the curved walls of the reception hall can be rotated to transform the space into more of an open-air pavilion.  Cool!  Jeff was over the moon about his San Francisco Giants Stadium groom's cake, designed by Daisy Cake Company.  What an amazing creation!  The couple boogied and mingled and posed for the PicSpot before hopping in their car and embarking on their new life together as husband and wife.  Congratulations, Ally and Jeff!  --Jaclyn