July 21, 2010

A Little Get Away

Joshua and I are in the middle of a great vacation to my home state of Maine! We're visiting a lot a friends and spending some quality time with my family. We're also getting a break from the Tennessee heat! While it's been hot and humid by New England standards, we've been enjoying the nice breeze and cooler evenings.

Our trip hasn't been all play though. Joshua has updated the website, adding a lot of new images to the galleries. If you haven't explored it in a while, take a look around! You'll see fun, new photos from many of the weddings we've shot this summer. I've also officially launched the children's photography section of the website! If you're in the mood to see some adorable faces, check out the children's gallery. These kids are beautiful! You can see my children's packages under the "pricing" tab. As always, I'm offering great packages at affordable rates.

Visiting friends here in Maine has given me a chance to photograph their children, and I can't wait to share those images with you when I return to Knoxville! See you soon--Jaclyn

July 15, 2010

Sarah and Joe: Adventure is Out There! - Jaclyn Paige Photography

Sarah and Joe had an Up themed wedding with balloons tied to colorful houses for center pieces and a Kevin-topped groom's cake. The bride and groom even exchanged Ellie badges. The event was as personal as a wedding can get, and we loved when the minister included an Up quote in the ceremony. "Adventure is out there," he told Sarah and Joe, "and yours starts today!"

As you can see, Jaclyn had some fun shooting pictures through all the balloons, and everyone else had fun just being there--Joshua

July 8, 2010

Davina & Darrell - Engagement Session at the UT Gardens - Jaclyn Paige Photography

A couple weeks ago we met Davina and Darrell at the UT Gardens to take engagement pictures. Since our current heat wave and drought hadn't begun yet, we had to shoot between rain showers. Suprisingly, there are a number of places to hide from the rain in the garden. We're looking forward to their wedding in a few months--Joshua

July 7, 2010

Holly & Gordon - Wedding at the Lodge at Buckberry Creek - Jaclyn Paige Photography

We headed to Gatlinburg last weekend to photograph a small, family wedding at the Lodge at Buckberry Creek. Holly and Gordon held their ceremony near the Pavilion on Buckberry Creek. To access the ceremony site the wedding party rode down in a "Mountain Limo," perhaps the coolest wedding transportation we've ever seen.

As you can see there were a lot of well-loved kids at this wedding, and they enjoyed playing in the hammock, eating cake, and exploring the creek. All in all, it was a holiday weekend well-spent. Congratulations Holly and Gordon--Joshua