October 15, 2014

Pam and Tim's Sweet Backyard Wedding in Dandridge - Jaclyn Paige Photography

Last weekend, we photographed Pam and Tim's backyard wedding at Pam's parents' home in Dandridge. In spite of the rain, it was a beautiful day!  Pam chose an incredible champagne dress for the occasion from David's Bridal:

Even her dog, Muffin, thought she looked beautiful in it!

Being such an intimate event, Pam and Tim did not have a wedding party, but did include Tim's niece as the flower girl.  She was excited to be one of two princesses that day.  Here they are, just a few nervous moments before heading to the ceremony.

The ceremony and reception were both held in the tent situated in the back yard.  

Pam couldn't stop looking at Tim...

And Tim couldn't keep his eyes off Pam, either!  She was absolutely stunning.

During the ceremony, they decided to add their own personal twist to the sand ceremony.  I had never seen anything like this before, but it's a great way to include all family in the symbolism.  Each guest received a small vial of sand when they entered the tent in one of two colors: cream for the bride's side and light brown for the groom's.  At a specific point during the ceremony, the minister instructed the family members to pass along two small vases (one for each side of the family), and everyone dumped their sand into it as it was passed to the front of the tent.

Then, Pam and Tim poured the sand that the family members had contributed to their sand ceremony. They also added sand from their own vases.  Pam said this was Tim's idea- what a great way to incorporate the whole crowd of witnesses into their wedding!

After being together for seven years to the day, can you tell these two were excited to make it official?

Some of my favorite shots... They are so cute together.  I was really excited that the rain held off for plenty of time so we could get a nice variety of portraits without rushing due to weather.

I also wanted to highlight just a few beautiful and thoughtful details:

(Wish I had thought of this one for my wedding! I love this display!)

Pam's late father's ring attached to her bouquet ribbon.

Catering was provided by Buddy's Barbecue, and the guests also enjoyed appetizers and a well-stocked s'mores bar before the reception had officially begun. Pam and Tim entered their reception to "Welcome to the Jungle"!  So much fun.

When they fed each other their wedding cake from Magpies, they were very good to each other- no smashing cake tonight!  Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Headrick!  --Jaclyn